1. Thesis Presentation →

    Videos of my thesis presentation are available on the ITP archive.

    I’m going to make a better video and upload it on vimeo once my upload limit resets next week, but for those who can’t wait, you can watch it here.

  2. June Updates

    June creeped up really fast and I still haven’t finished my write up of the thesis, but here’s an updated video of two of the prototypes in action. The first is the laptop sleeve gamelan, and the second is one of the round modules I created to simulate the boss (extrusion) of individual gongs/tonal pots. It looks like I’ll be busy this month trying to get gigs/funds for my orchestra for the fall and coordinating ITP Camp, but will try to update more regularly.

  3. Dewa Ruci (Bima’s Spiritual Enlightenment) Excerpt from 2012 Wayang Kulit

    Performed by KI PURBO ASMORO, dhalang

    Accompanied by members of Mayangkara (Solo, Java) and Gamelan Kusuma Laras (NYC) with English translations provided live by Kathryn Emerson

    Shadow-side video by Ronald L. C. Kienhuis

    All other videos by Antonius Oktaviano Wiriadjaja

    Co-sponsored with Asia Society, Cakra Inc. and the Consulate General of Indonesia, New York. This program is made possible in part by the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature.

    This program is part of Asia Society’s ongoing initiative Creative Muslim Voices in Asia, supported by the Doris Duke Foundation for Islamic Art.

  4. Last prototype of laptop gamelan before the final presentation. The bonang mapping is off, but it works for now.

  5. Introduction

    Hello! As part of my NYU ITP thesis, I created several practice instruments to play Javanese gamelan at home and on-the-go. Although I documented the entire process, I didn’t have the time to really curate them in a logical manner. This tumblr will serve as that function. In the next coming weeks, I will be populating it with photos, videos and write-ups of my process. But in the meantime, I’ve got a presentation to practice.